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Bee Removal Phoenix Peoria Glendale Scottsdale Mesa Chandler Tempe Gilbert

Fast and effective bee removal for commercial and residential properties in Phoenix, Peoria, Glendale, Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, and Tempe. We can handle almost any killer bee removal job.

“Killer bees” are also know as “Africanized honey bees”. They look exactly like other honeybees but they are much more aggressive. You never know whether a bee hive is Africanized until you disturb them. Africanized bees attack viciously, and can cover all of your body in stings in seconds. Never try to remove bees on your own. Leave this to the professionals.

Bee extermination is necessary when the bees are inside of a wall void, under an olive tree, or if the bees have been there long enough to build a hive. Bee swarms hanging from trees or other surfaces can be removed alive and relocated.

If you look closely at the photo in the center above you can see in the background to the right that there is a bee swarm attached to the corner of the parapet wall about 20 feet from where the ladder is. You can see a close up of the bee swarm in the photo on the right.

A bee swarm is a brand new bee colony that has just split off of an existing bee hive. The mother hive made a new queen and sent half of its population with her to go find a place to make a new nest.

In the photos above you can see Austin, one of our bee removal superheroes, on a ladder 20 feet up. The bees are coning in and out of the scupper. They go into an opening of the stucco wall above the scupper. This opening leads the bees right into the parapet wall.

A scupper is a roof drain to let the water off of the roof when it rains. This is a very common place that bees will nest. Often times a gap is left in the stucco above the scupper during construction.

A parapet wall is a feature of flat roofed buildings. It is the small wall that goes all around the edge of a flat roof. The parapet wall is not insulated because it is not up against the interior of the building. It is just open space inside the parapet wall and is a perfect place for the bees to make their hive.

When a bee swarm moves into a new space they begin building honeycomb right away. They can make a pound of honey per day if there is plenty of food for them depending on the time of year.

Austin pulled about 30 pounds of honeycomb out of that wall. We provide honeycomb removal services from roofs, walls, and other void spaces. Honeycomb cleanout is needed from the space to prevent bees from being attracted back to the same spot year after year. In addition, when temperatures rise, the honeycomb will melt and make a mess and attract rodents and other pests such as ants.

We also remove wasps. It takes a real pest control superhero when it comes to bee removal.

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