Phoenix Bed Bug Treatment

Free Estimate

Free Estimate


Free bed bug inspections for homeowners who have seen bed bugs or are getting bitten by something.


$49 inspection fee for Apartment Tenants (free with land lord authorization form) OR if you just want us to “check to see if you have bed bugs” because you are concerned. If bed bugs are found then the $49 fee is applied to your treatment.


Same day service is often available in PhoenixMesa, and Tucson.


Our team will never offer bed bug treatment unless clear evidence of bed bugs is found.

What to Expect: Friendly Service

We inspect your home to determine if bed bugs are present and determine the stage of infestation. Our Technician arrives driving a discreet vehicle that does not say the words “bed bugs” anywhere. All beds, bedding, couches, and furniture are thoroughly inspected for signs of an infestation. Once the inspection is complete, the technician will recommend the best treatment option for your situation.

After the bed bug treatment, we are always happy to inspect your home for any signs of bed bug activity. Call right away if you suspect there is still a problem after treatment. If there is still a problem you are covered during your warranty period.

Bed Bug Inspection Canines

Canines can be an effective tool for bed bug inspection, however if we can find bed bugs with the human eye then bed bug dogs are not necessary. If you would like a canine inspection you should only trust a third party for canine bed bug inspection. If a company offers bed bug treatment AND canine detection, then how can you trust that the canine results are accurate? We use a third party for canine detection to ensure 100% unbiased results. Click here to learn more about bed bug detection using canines.

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