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Bed Bug Pesticide Resistance

Bed Bug Pesticide Resistance

Bed bug pesticide resistance can be achieved in just one generation. Resistance is achieved because any bed bugs that are not killed by the initial chemical application will bear offspring that are even more resistant. That generation will then mate together and create an even more resistant bug, and so on. For more bed bug knowledge, visit our bed bug page.The life cycle can be quite short for a bed bug if enough food is present, which allows pesticide resistance to quickly develop.

Pest control companies and homeowners alike are using the incorrect pesticides to battle the bed bugs. The only chemicals that work against bed bugs are very expensive and are only available to pest control professionals.

Bed Bugs can not gain resistance to our heat treatment. Heat will kill all of the bugs and eggs within hours. Bed Bug Heat Treatment is the only way to overcome bed bug pesticide resistance.


You can go to the hardware store and buy three of four pesticides that say “kills bed bugs” right on the front. On the back it says “not to be used as sole defense against bed bugs”

  • These will not solve the problem.
  • It kills some of the bugs, but not all bugs or any of the eggs.
  • If you try to treat it yourself, it will make the problem worse.
  • Your actions will likely cause them to spread all around the house.

If left untreated for long enough, a bed bug infestation can grow into a bed bug mega nest. Once the bed bug pesticide resistance is gained, the infestation can only be eliminated using a heat treatment. Learn more about the affordable bed bug treatments that we offer


When we perform the bed bug heat treatment in all rooms we include up to an 18 month warranty for single family homes.

If for any reason live bed bugs are found during the warranty period, we will come out right away to get rid of them.

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“Bed Bugs can have a resistance to common pesticides but cannot gain resistance to heat treatment. Heat will kill all of the bugs and eggs within hours. Bed Bug Heat Treatment is the only way to overcome bed bug pesticide resistance.”