Phoenix Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug Pesticide Spray Treatment

Bed Bug Pesticide Spray Treatment

Heat treatment is always the better option because it will eliminate the bedbugs in one day.
Pesticide treatment is the second best option (and less expensive), however it may take up to 30 days to eliminate all bedbugs. Our bed bug pesticide treatment is the lower cost option if the cost of heat treatment is too much to afford. Pesticides are applied (thoroughly and tediously) in areas where the customer will not come into contact with them – in areas where the bedbugs are hiding that can be reached. It will take up to 30 days to kill all bedbugs unless the heat treatment is used. This means that you may see bedbugs and may get bitten for that 30 day period. Pesticides do not kill the eggs and can not reach all areas. Bed bugs will continue to emerge from their hiding places, hatch from their eggs, and come in to contact with the pesticide in the areas where it was applied.

How long does it take to spray?

The spray will be completed within one hour. You must be out of the house for six hours to allow pesticide to dry. If bed bugs persist after 30 days, then additional treatment is performed free of charge during the warranty period.

Do you use pesticide treatment for both large and small infestations?

If the work is being performed by Arizona Heat Pest Services – The Bed bug Specialists, then a pesticide treatment can be effective for most levels of bed bug infestation. We always recommend the heat treatment however because it will provide more immediate relief from the bed bugs and their bites.

Is pesticide treatment harmful to my family or pets?

The pesticide will be applied in areas where people and pets will not come into direct contact with it. People and pets should not experience any side effects from our pesticide application. Our treatments are pet and people friendly.

How is the pesticide different from what I can buy online or in a store?

The pesticide that can be purchased in stores will not eliminate the bedbugs completely. In fact, they will make the problem worse because they act as a repellent that causes the bugs to spread.

Commercial grade pesticide should not be used by inexperienced homeowners. If commercial grade pesticides are used incorrectly the bed bug problem can be made worse and the bedbugs can easily gain resistance – making especially difficult to eliminate. Another note: commercial grade pesticides sold online may be counterfeit and may be completely useless – these should only be purchased though reputable commercial pesticide dealers.

Commercial pesticides should only be applied by licensed pesticide applicators to ensure the quality and safety of the pesticide application.

Are there any guarantees that the pesticide treatment will work?

We guarantee all of our work. Heat Treatments and Pesticide Treatments. We include a 1 year or 18 month warranty with the heat treatment of the entire structure. We include a minimum of a 6 month warranty with a pesticide treatment of the entire home.

What should a customer do to prepare for pesticide treatment?

  • Clear floors including under beds & closet floors.
  • Remove bed linens and immediately wash and dry on high heat.
  • Vacuum Diatomaceous Earth. (if any)
  • Put away all food, drinks, & kitchenware
  • Keep all people and pets out of the treated areas for 6 hours.
  • Keep small pets and sensitive individuals out of the treated areas for 24 hours.

Do families have to leave their house during the treatment?

YES. All people and pest must be out of the home for 6 hours after pesticide application to allow the pesticide to dry.

Is there any risk to belongings getting damaged by pesticides?

With the pesticide treatment: No.

With the heat treatment: There are more preparation instructions to prevent damage to certain heat sensitive items. If the home is prepared correctly, then there will be no damage from the heat treatment,

Keys to Pest Control for Bed Bugs:

See our page on preventing bed bugs

How can customers make exterminators job easier?

Notify us immediately whenever bugs are seen.
Follow all preparation instructions prior to bedbug treatment.

Q: What is the best way to make a treatment effective?
  A: Follow all preparation instructions prior to treatment.
  A: Call Arizona Heat Pest Services to ensure that you receive a proper, guaranteed bedbug treatment.
Q: How do you recommend a customer to choose the best treatment?
  A: We offer a free inspection to determine the level of infestation, allowing us to recommend the best treatment option for their situation.

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Why can AZ Heat Kill the bed bugs with pesticide when the other companies can’t?

“We perform bed bug treatment every day. Many pest control companies perform ineffective bed bug treatment using pesticide. They often have to treat the home several times to eliminate the bed bugs. Most general pest control companies do not have the bed bug experience that we do. When the big companies fail, we are called in to exterminate the bed bugs for good.”