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Contact Arizona Heat Pest Services today for fast response in the Phoenix and Tucson areas. If you are a home owner, a renter, a landlord, or a manager, please contact us right away. We will send our highly trained technician to assess the situation for free. We prefer to see the situation in order to provide pricing. We have no set pricing, every situation is different. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to the bed bug problem. Several factors are considered to recommend the best treatment for you.

Apartment Tenants Be Advised: 

We must have permission from the apartment management before we can set foot on the property. The first step you should take is to contact your apartment management to ask what their policy is regarding pest control. You can also consult your lease agreement to see if there is a provision about pest control. Some leases have a bed bug addendum as well. Most apartment management companies have contracts with exterminators who provide all of their pest control services. All tenants may be required to use that pest control company. Some management companies allow their tenants to hire their own pest control company. If we are called to an apartment, we must visit the leasing office to confirm that we have permission to be on the property.

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