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Find Out if You Have Bed Bugs

Find Out if You Have Bed Bugs

You will need a flashlight and the ability to pick up and turn over furniture. You can see the bed bugs and evidence with your naked eye if you look in the right places. They usually wont be out in the open during the day, they will tend to stay out of sight hiding on the undersides of furniture in the cracks and crevices. That’s where the bed bug infestation starts. The first sign of bed bugs is usually bites that are often red and itchy.



You will not feel the bite, however most people react to it afterward. The normal reaction to bed bug bites is similar to your reaction to mosquito bites, but they will usually occur in lines or groups. They are often itchy and red, sometimes raised or welt-like. Sometimes there is no reaction to a bed bug bite which can allow an infestation to get out of control without any symptoms.

The second sign of an infestation is finding a bed bug. A single bug is a sign that professional bed bug treatment is necessary. They are 1/4″ as adults. They are dark brown, black, or amber colored, and in the shape of an oval. What do bed bugs look like?

The third sign of a bed bug infestation is fecal stains or molted exoskeletons found on furniture near where people sleep or rest. These are the signs you will look for in the cracks and crevices of the couches, chairs, mattresses, box springs, and bed frames.

Other evidence of bed bugs can be found near cracks of furniture, floors, and ceilings. The bed bugs are hiding nearby in and these cracks and crevices. They can even get into the framing of the home in certain situations such as when improper chemicals are used, and when there is a long term infestation.

Get a Professional Bed Bug Inspection.

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“Inspect for bed bugs yourself. You may be able to find the bugs or evidence of them on your mattress or couch. Check out the bed bug inspection guide below. If you do not find bed bugs and you think they are there give us a call or text at any number above.”