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Pest Control for Mice


Mice Control Phoenix


How can you tell the difference between a baby rat and a mouse? They can look very similar. A rat will have a tail that is longer than its body. A mouse’s tail will be shorter than its body.

Mice are not as intelligent as mice. Mice tend to explore new things introduces to their environment. This behavior makes them more likely to get caught in a trap relatively quickly. If the mice are inside, then We will set traps in accessible areas putting an attractive bait on the trigger. If you hear a snap, then give us a call so we can get that mouse out before it starts to decay and smell.

If mice are outside we will place bait outside. Why do we not put bait inside? Because if the mouse eats the poisonous bait, then they could die inside the house in a hard to access area. The decaying mouse may produce a foul smell and will attract other pests. In order to place bait outside, we need to ensure that the Mice are no longer in the house. The structure should be sealed to prevent any more mice from entering while the traps are active inside the structure. After we trap no more mice inside, and the structure is sealed, then bait can be placed outside

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