Phoenix Bed Bug Treatment

Corporate Accounts

Corporate Accounts

Our Corporate Account Managers are The Best in the Valley!

We have helped Small Businesses and Corporations all over the Western United States recover from bed bug infestations. Heat Pest Services understands better than anyone how to identify, eliminate & prevent Bed Bugs from terrorizing your staff and work places. Our bed bug heat treatment is the only way to kill all bed bugs and eggs in just one day with minimal or no chemical use.

Bed Bug infestations can be very costly and 99% of the time they are made worse by using over the counter Pesticides! These menacing critters can destroy a company’s reputation, make employees fear going to work, cause weeks worth of absent employees, increase workload/stress, and they can even be the cause of lawsuits. Protect your business with a team that understands Bed Bugs best! We have eliminated over 23,000 infestations and are well known as the Valley’s #1 Bed Bug Solution.

Contact us today and we will have a specialist evaluate and quote your business within 48 hours!

“Bedbugs can be difficult to get rid of completely and some workers can’t afford exterminators. Hence, employers may want to offer to pay for an extermination if a worker with an infested home steps forward. An employer might also consider requiring the employee to stay home until an exterminator confirms the bedbugs are gone.”

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