Introducing Captain Heat

Introducing the superhero who represents the team of Arizona Heat Pest Services and the Heat Pest Services Brand in other states. Captain Heat has been protecting citizens of Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, and Tucson since 2011 from the worst pest villains around – bed bugs. If a citizen finds that bed bugs have invaded their home or business, they know they can rely on Captain Heat to save the day. All they must do is call, text, or book an appointment online – and captain heat will fly to them right away the same day! He had done such a great job of protecting the citizens but he thought he could do more. So in 2019 he decided to protect them from all other evil pest villains like rats, termites, scorpions, and cockroaches. His first step is reconnaissance, which means to assess the situation and identify the villain(s). He must do this carefully so he does not alert the villains of his presence or they may flee to disturb another nearby citizen.

After that, Captain Heat will make a top-secret plan with the citizen – so that together they can exterminate this evil pest. The citizen must do the best they can to prepare the home or business for captain heat’s signature bed bug service, the bed bug heat treatment. There are no other Pest Superheroes that can do it like Captain Heat. Captain Heat’s Service is Hotter, Faster, and Better than any other. The home must be ready for this so that the belongings inside are not damaged during the heat of battle. Captain Heat provides the citizen with written and illustrated instructions with a checklist. If the citizen cannot prepare before the treatment, then Captain Heat will enlist the help of his team members: Praying Mantis, Lady Bug, and Honeybee who work together (for an hourly fee) with the citizen to make sure their home is ready and nothing gets damaged. Captain heat and the citizen will synchronize their watches and finalize the plan. Those bed bugs will be so surprised, and then they will be so vaporized.

After all that work is done, it is time for Captain Heat to execute his plan. Arriving precisely at the scheduled time, he gets straight to work. The citizen must be ready to escape right when the hero arrives so that he can crank up the heat and make sure he is not late to his next service. Captain heat does two or three of these services every day especially in the summer. For safety’s sake, the citizen cannot stay in the home during the action, or they might get hurt. Sorry citizens, if you must watch then you must be outside the home a safe distance away. The citizens should not worry, Captain Heat will keep their home and belongings safe during the battle and he will secure the home before he departs. The citizen may choose to meet him there after all the villains have been exterminated. Now it is time for the captain to turn up the heat! Powering up his heat takes only minutes. He blasts each room and every piece of furniture with his heat and wind powers. Sometimes he calls it a “heat cyclone”. His heat is so strong that the rooms are “pre-heated” to 150 degrees in ten minutes or so. He is so good that he can do three rooms at a time, each room only taking about two hours to bake thoroughly enough so that none of the evil bed bug villains survive.

During the heating, The Captain wastes no time! He uses his super strength and agility to quickly lift up all of the furniture and things in the home to make sure that no bed bugs are hiding there. He then quickly and carefully places everything back exactly where it was so the citizen does not come home to a mess. As you can see captain heat is very courteous, he is a great role model. He demands that all his team members have that same courtesy to all citizens when in their presence and as they drive down the road. When Captain heat is finished with his heating service, he uses a special magic serum created by the scientists back on his home planet, Propaynee. He applies the serum to all the cracks in the house so that if somehow a bed bug survives the heat treatment, or if they get back into the home later, they will be destroyed by its power. During his work and research Captain Heat has noticed that the bed bugs have become resistant to any of the serum made by scientists of Earth. They may eventually become resistant to the alien serum, but when they do you can be sure that captain heat and his team will be ready to innovate and ensure the safety of the citizens. If the bed bugs ever come back to bother the citizen again after the treatment all they must do is call, text, or book an appointment online and Captain Heat will be there. Since his arrival on Earth 10 years ago he has proven to be the most reliable pest Hero of them all. He has no plans to return to Propaynee because he sees that the citizens here must be protected from the evil pest villains of this world. Captain Heat loves to help and always makes 100% effort (which is like 1000% effort for normal citizens since he is a superhero after all).

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