Bed Bug Treatment Poem

Bed Bug Treatment Poem

Pest Control Poetry

If you have bed bugs or you think that you may,
you need a hero who can come out today.
If bugs are biting and you’re getting the blues,
Arizona Heat is the one you should choose.

The first step is to call us or fill out the form,
we will not even ask what day you were born.

Set up a time for us to come look,
for this you won’t even need your checkbook.

The consultation is free and it’s the best way,
so we can determine what price you should pay.

For step two we will call you,
then come out to your place.

We’ll do this over the phone,
if you’d rather not see our face.

We will look at the couch and look at the beds.
The bugs like to hide where you lay down your heads.
If they are there we will find them, we’ve done this before.
If we find no evidence then we’ll walk out your door.
If something is biting but no bed bugs are found,
it could be a different bug making you frown.

Bed bugs are round, and flat, and brown, or red.
If we find some we want to make them all dead. 

We have now arrived at step three.
After we’ve seen what we need to see.
We’ll give you two plans so you can choose the best one.
If you choose heat treatment the bugs will be done.

Will you choose heat or will you choose spray?
It often comes down to what you will pay.
We wish we could get rid of the bed bugs for free,
but if we did that we would cease to be.

The spray will save you a lot of money.
But the bed bugs will still bite you and your honey.

Until all of the bed bugs walk on the spray,
the bugs will not see their very last day.

Our heat treatment will get rid of them faster.
Don’t try it yourself, it will be a disaster.

If you want the bugs to be gone in one day,
our heat treatment is the only way.

It kills the bugs and also the eggs,
no more walking around on their creepy little legs.      

Once you choose it is time for step four.
At this point you may tell us to get out of your door.

If you do choose a treatment, and let us stay,
we’ll explain how to prepare for treatment day.

We’ll tell you the things that you need to gather,
and what things can stay in their place rather.

We’ll give you a list that you must follow,
to prepare your home right and prevent our sorrow.

If you can’t do it all, we’re happy to help.
Some folks can’t help the hand that they’re dealt.
Once the prep is complete we are done with step four.
We hope that it wasn’t too much of a chore.

Now it is time for the last step, five.
This is the step that makes the bugs un-alive.
We arrive on treatment day ready to work.
We work diligently and will not shirk.

We will work until the job is complete,
and we will leave the place nice and neat.

We give you a warranty just in case
you find bed bugs later in the same place.

If you choose us we will do our best.
If you choose us we will both be blessed.

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