Rodent Removal Poem

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Rodent Removal Poem

Sneaking and creeping, roof rats are lurking.
While you sleep the rodents are working

Up in the attic the roof rats are gnawing.
Outside and inside they are clawing

They are smart, they’re hard to defeat.
We have to discover the right kind of treat,

to draw them into the jaws of the trap.
They enter the tunnel and you’ll hear a snap!

We use traps and poisonous baiting.
Rats are especially known for their mating.

Rodent populations can build up quite quickly.
If you see signs of rats it’s best to act swiftly.

Unlike other desert pests, rats need lots of water,
especially when the summer heat gets hotter.

A pool is a great place where rodents can drink.
Their tiny little hands can’t turn on the sink. 

If you have rats in your Phoenix neighborhood,
they can get on your roof and chew through the wood.

Call us when you see one run over your block wall.
Don’t wait ’til they’re inside strutting down your hall.

Everywhere that they walk they urinate.
Unfortunately also, they defecate.

Their excrement may carry the hantavirus.
If we breathe in the dust it can get inside us. 

They chew everything from drywall to wires.
This is how rats cause so many fires.

Rats can squeeze through very small spaces.
Once they get inside, it’s off to the races.

Look up at the edge of your roof you might spot.
You will only see signs of them if you have a lot. 

They leave black rub marks from their greasy skin.
When they pass the same spot again and again

Either low on the foundation or high at the eaves.
They can climb up the wall or use ladders, like trees.

Trees or bushes that hang over your roof,
ust be cut to help make your place rodent proof.

But even if you cut all of them down,
the rats can climb up the wall from the ground.

You may ask: Why would the rats want inside?
From the heat and the cold they will hide.

They want a nice comfy place they can sleep,
to raise their babies safe from critters who eat.

If they’ve gotten inside that is where we must start
To remove every rodent we must also be smart.

First step is removing the rodents in the attic.
Our steps must be careful up there, not erratic.

If someone’s not careful they can fall right through.
Our experienced heroes know just what to do.

Inside, the method we use is trapping.
Placing the traps near where they are napping.

We come back often to clean and re-bait,
The dead rats will stink, the longer we wait.

After the rats are all gone inside,
our focus will shift to other places they hide.

The best way to proceed is to seal up the house,
to prevent re-entry of a new rat or mouse.

Rodents are one of the worst pests in creation.
While up in the attic they’ve soiled insulation. 

Remove all the yucky and replace it with new.
This is the next best thing to do.

We can finally place bait stations outdoors.
Now they can’t die inside and produce odors.

We’ve trapped, and sealed, and cleaned, and baited.
To achieve peace from the rats, you’ve patiently waited.

It takes time for complete rat extermination.
We’ll now come back monthly to check the bait station.

Call Arizona Heat when the rats attack.
We’ll remove them and make sure that they don’t come back.

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