Bed Bug Specialist VS General Pest Control

Who do you think will do a better job killing your bed bugs; a bed bug specialist, or a general pest control company? The common sense answer is to choose the company that specializes in bed bugs.

General pest control companies do not have the experience an knowledge that is gained from working to kill bed bugs every day for several years. Most companies apply incorrect pesticides and perform incorrect heating procedures to ensure that all bed bugs and eggs are killed. These general pest control companies usually offer a substandard bed bug warranty that may only last 30-60 days that does not cover you in the event of “re-infestation”. This means if you get bed bugs again, you have to pay again.

If you are shopping around for bed bug treatment costs please consider that the cheapest treatment may not be effective. You will gain much greater value if you choose the bed bug specialist over the general pest guys.

Arizona Heat Pest Services has performed over 6000 bed bug treatments and specialize in bed bugs only. We include a long term warranty with our bed bug treatment, and will kill all bed bugs and eggs in less than 8 hours using our specialized heating equipment and procedures.

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