Do it yourself remedies for Bed Bugs just don’t work.

So you found bed bugs in your house or apartment? No problem, just head down to the local hardware store and pick up a case of bed bug killer, diatomaceous earth (DE), and some rubbing alcohol. You’ll be fine.

WRONG. Dead wrong.

This base board is an infestation that has gotten out of control because the homeowner tried to treat the bed bugs themselves, for over a year! I wonder how much money and time they spent trying to kill the bed bugs.

Bed bug bombs, over the counter treatments, diatomaceous earth, rubbing alcohol are the most popular do it yourself bed bug remedies that we see in our customers homes in Arizona. None of these methods will kill all of the bed bugs. Most professional strength pesticides on the market that are “labeled for bed bugs” also state on their label “not to be used as sole defense against bed bugs”. Bed bug specialists use heat to kill bed bugs because they are so¬†resistant to chemicals.

Most pest control companies are not successful at killing bed bugs, especially when the infestation is severe. Many companies in Arizona and throughout the US sell bed bug treatments that are ineffective and have a short-term or non-existent warranty.

There are a few companies in each state that specialize in bed bug treatment. These are the companies to call right away if you see a bed bug, or if you are experiencing unexplained bites that are similar to mosquito bites appearing in a group or line.

You will save time and money by calling a professional bed bug exterminator and getting rid of the bed bugs immediately before they get worse and spread to your friends and family.

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