“Localized” Heat Treatments and Natural Remedies

It is true that heat kills bed bugs. But how do you get all bed bugs heated enough to kill them?

A commercial blow dryer is what many companies are using to kill bed bugs. A blow dryer would be considered “localized” heat. Using this device on the seams of furniture and walls will not solve your bed bug problem. It may kill some bugs or eggs, but it will not cure the bed bug infestation.

Other devices that produce localized heat are heat guns, steamers, and small electric heaters.

If you want to use heat to kill all bed bugs and eggs, then you must get the heat to reach all bed bug hiding places. Bed bug hiding places include: flooring, furniture, walls, ceiling, clothing, and linens.

Arizona Heat Pest Services provides a heat treatment that will heat all bed bug hiding places, without damaging the structure or personal belongings. No bed bugs or eggs will survive our heat treatment.

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