Mega Bed Bug Nest Found By Arizona’s Bed Bug Experts

In September 2014, Arizona Heat Pest Services found a bed bug mega nest. This was a mother ship for bed bugs. The elderly occupants of this home had no idea it had gotten this bad. They tried every do it yourself remedy they could find , it appeared, for years. Finally, a concerned family member called us to exterminate the bed bugs for good.

In the picture you can see the molted exoskeletons of the bed bugs. As they mature they shed their exoskeleton. All of the black spots are the bed bug feces.

Bed Bug Recliner AZ Heat Pest

Every square inch of the wood framing inside the recliner is covered in black fecal stains. There are even fecal stains on the metal components as you can see on the screw at the top left quadrant of the above picture.

We can usually save all furniture when we treat a home for bed bugs however sometimes its best to throw it away.

Mega Bed Bug Nest AZ Heat Pest

In the creases of this chair you can see a large nest of bed bugs. From the center of the above photo follow the center seam to the right. Every amber colored thing you see there is a bed bug ranging in size from .25mm up to 4mm in length. You may be able to see the very flat bodies of the bugs at the extreme right side of the picture in the crease. All of those white spots are likely two different things, diatomaceous earth (DE) and bed bug eggs. The black fecal stains can be seen on the left side of the above picture in the shadowed area.

Bed Bug Recliner AZ Heat Pest

In this scenario, Arizona Heat Pest Services treated the structure with heat and salvaged all remaining furniture and personal belongings in the home. A long term warranty was granted just in case any bed bugs somehow survived our treatment. This family is covered by their warranty even if the bed bugs are brought in later from the original source.

Heat treatment was the only way to battle such a severe infestation. Once the problem persists this long, the bed bugs can penetrate the framing of the structure.

Bed Bug Mega Nest AZ Heat Pest
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