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Phoenix Bed Bug Treatment

Phoenix Hotel Bed Bug Treatment


We understand that guest safety and satisfaction, full occupancy, and liability are of utmost concern to our clients in the hospitality industry. When your staff suspects bed bugs in a room and full occupancy is expected you need a company who can eliminate the bugs immediately. When a guest comes to the front desk at 2 am complaining of bed bugs in their room you need a vendor who can eliminate the bugs from the room and from the guests belongings immediately. We are that vendor.

Pest Control Service Phoenix Mesa AZ


24/7 Availability to respond to your bed bug emergencies. $65 Inspection fee includes a written inspection report. Lock the room until our arrival. We visually inspect the room contents to confirm presence of bed bugs.

$65 Inspection Fee includes written report

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In hotels, bed bugs are found two ways. The most common way is that your staff suspects bed bugs after finding evidence in a room they are servicing. The second way bed bugs are reported is by a guest complaining of getting bitten of finding bed bugs in their room. If either of these situations occur on your property then you need a vendor who can respond quickly.

We are available 24/7 to inspect and eliminate your bed bug problems.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Phoenix AZ

Heat Chamber

Get your room bed bug free in 6 hours. No external equipment. 100% Discreet application entirely contained within the infested room. Heat contained within a chamber where all room contents can be sanitized.

$540 heat chamber and pesticide treatment in infested room only.

$1040 to heat infested room includes pesticide treatment in infested room and 4 adjacent with 90 day warranty.

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It is your busy time of year. You are at full occupancy. Your rooms are fully booked for the weekend. Your staff reports bedbugs in a guest room as they are cleaning. You can not afford to quarantine a room for 12 hours let alone 24. Your current vendor can not respond immediately and even if they arrive right now they recommend you shut down the room for 24-48 hours. Your property’s reputation is at stake. Will you need to cancel a reservation? Surely you can not place a guest in a room that may have live bed bugs. If only you had a vendor who could eliminate all bedbugs in 6 hours. If you are reading this, Now you do!

Bed Bug Pesticide Treatment in Phoenix Arizona


Pesticide applied at all cracks and crevices within the room. This kills all bed bugs on contact however the eggs are not killed. Therefore room must remained locked for 10 days until we can reinspect and clear the room. If live bed bugs are still present we must retreat at that point.

$125 Pesticide Treatment of infested room only

$625 Pesticide Treatment of infested room and 4 adjacent to prevent infestation with 90 day warranty.

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It is your slower time of year. You are at 60% occupancy and are not expecting a deluge of reservations for the upcoming weekend. Your staff finds what looks like a blood stain on the mattress while cleaning the room. Your current pest control vendor can arrive today to inspect the room and provide an affordable pesticide treatment but they always recommend that you dispose of the mattress and box spring. The cost of replacing the mattress and box spring combined with the cost of pesticide treatment is more than the cost of a heat treatment. Is there any vendor who can provide a more affordable yet effective bed bug treatment? We are that vendor.


When we perform the bed bug heat treatment in all rooms we include up to an 18 month warranty for single family homes.

If for any reason live bed bugs are found during the warranty period, we will come out right away to get rid of them.

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“Following these steps will aid you in preventing bed bugs so that you never have to deal with the little scoundrels again.”

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