Resistant Bed Bugs. Superbugs?

Bed bugs are hard to kill, even if you know what you are doing. One reason they are so hard to eliminate is that bed bugs can be resistant to pesticides. Over time, some chemicals can lose their efficacy completely.

Bed bugs are known to achieve resistance to many commonly used pesticides in a very short time. This is due to their short life cycle. Not all the bugs are killed with one chemical treatment, it may take several treatments. The bugs that survive the initial spray may produce offspring who are resistant to the chemical used. This evolution begins with the first chemical application. The longer an infestation continues, the higher the bed bug population will become and the harder it is to treat.

There are some chemical strategies that professional exterminators use that can be effective, eventually. There are many different pesticides available that can be used for bed bugs in the home, on the bed, walls, floor, ceiling.

Do you really want pesticide sprayed on your bed, even if its label says you can do it?   

Treating bed bugs yourself is not a good idea unless you have extensive knowledge of the bugs and chemicals. The best you can hope for with a DIY bed bug treatment is a partial kill, or a slight reduction in population. DIY bed bug treatments commonly cause resistant bed bugs to develop. It will save you time, money, headache, and sleepless nights, by calling a professional

Chemical Treatment is not your only option, and is certainly NOT the BEST option to treat bed bugs. A heat treatment, or thermal treatment, is the most effective and efficient way to kill all bed bugs and eggs. This treatment consists of heating the room, unit, or entire structure to a high temperature and holding that temperature until all bed bugs and eggs are dead.

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WARNING: Do not attempt to heat your home to kill pests including bed bugs. This is not a DIY activity. Improper heating techniques can lead to fire, explosion, and death.   

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