Chemical Treatment VS. Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

If bed bugs are found they must be treated ASAP

Bed bug infestations are spreading more rapidly than ever during these tough economic times. If a bed bug infestation is not treated quickly, these bugs will spread. 

Every company has a different method to eradicate these bugs. Most treatments fall into one of two categories: Chemical Treatment or Heat Treatment.The majority of companies offer no guarantee with their bed bug services (we offer a long term bed bug warranty with treatment). Treatments for bed bugs can be quite costly and can take several weeks to accomplish, depending on the method used and the company providing the service. Some companies claim that only one treatment is needed. (like us)

Chemical Treatment: The cheap way.

The chemical treatment consists of using pesticides to kill the bed bugs, applying the pesticide where the bugs hide and travel. There are thousands of pesticides, only some of which can be used in the home to kill bed bugs. Every pesticide has a label which explains where and how to apply the pesticide. Using a pesticide in a manner inconsistent with the label is a violation of the law.

The areas that exterminators will spray for bed bugs include:

  • Beds
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Furniture
  • Electronics

Chemical Treatments must always be repeated two or three times because these bugs are resilient against pesticides. Bed bugs are known become resistant to pesticides very quickly, becoming even harder to eradicate.

A chemical treatment can eventually be effective and is the lower cost option. The cost you pay – chemical exposure to you and your family. I have heard many stories of pets getting sick (vomiting for days) from exterminators who came and “poured some stuff under my carpet” to kill the bedbugs.

Always follow all label instructions when using a chemical. Make sure your pest professional is using their chemicals according to the label. You have the right to request this label – the pest professional is required to carry all labels and MSDS for all pesticides they use (AZ). They should be willing and able to provide this information to you immediately.

Improper use of pesticides can lead to illness and death.

Heat Treatment: The Best Way

The Heat Treatment consists of using high temperatures to kill bed bugs. Heat is proven to be effective at killing bed bugs at all stages of life including eggs. The heat can be applied on a small scale such as a hair dryer or clothes dryer, or on a large scale such as heating the entire structure/unit.

Not all heat treatments are equal.
The best way to heat treat is by getting the heat to ALL the bugs and eggs at once, getting them hot enough for long enough.

The Benefits of An Effective Heat Treatment:

  • Minimal, or NO exposure to chemicals
  • Keep your mattress and furniture
  • Only one treatment is needed

WARNING: Using heat to kill bed bugs can be dangerous if you are not a trained professional. Improper heating methods can lead to fire and death. Please do not attempt this yourself. 

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