Hot At Work

Working inside of a home at 140 – 150 degrees is no joke. These are the sauna-like temperatures that kill bed bugs. Our employees are actually inside the structure while the heating process is being performed, though for no longer than a few minutes at a time. It is deadly for all forms of life to be in the home for the entire duration of the heat treatment, this includes people, pets, plants, and pests of all types. Some customers ask if they can stay inside the structure while it is being heated. with the latter statement you can see why the answer is “NO”. Our customers are welcome to stay on the property during the treatment, however cannot be inside the structure being heated.

Sometimes bed bugs will attach themselves to employees clothing and they can even be bitten while on the job. The bed bugs that may attach to the clothing of employees during treatment are killed as the technician is working in the heat. If the technician is performing a bed bug treatment without the use of heat, then the bed bugs can be carried on their person until their clothing is laundered using hot water in the washing machine as well as a dryer set to hot.

Our Heating methods and procedures ensure that your home is heated quickly and safely. No damage is caused to the contents of your home, or to the structure itself. Certain items that are heat-sensitive are removed from the heated areas and treated using different methods.

Safety is our number one priority, safety for you, your family, our workers, and your home. Our safety procedures are constantly being discussed and improved upon. With weekly safety meetings, we ensure that any and all safety concerns are addressed.

By using heat, we can eliminate all bed bugs and eggs in one day. This allows us to provide effective bed bug treatment and minimal or NO exposure to chemicals!

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