How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

You have bed bugs!?! Take Immediate Action!

Step 1: Remove all bedding. Wash and dry them on high heat.

Step 2: Call Professional Exterminators

Step 3: Compare Treatment Methods and Guarantee Offered

Getting rid of bed bugs can be an expensive endeavor. Not the sort of thing that a person plans for or expects to happen to them. They saying goes “you get what you pay for” and that applies to bed bug treatment as well.

If a bed bug treatment is only $150, it is probably a chemical treatment performed by a technician using the wrong chemicals who makes $9 an hour. That is: $150 per treatment, per room, with no warranty. A “chemical only” treatment will take multiple treatments over weeks or months to kill all bed bugs.  Guaranteed to require multiple treatments.

If a chemical treatment costs over $600, then it should consist of more than just a quick spray and a pitiful 30 day guarantee. It should include a long term bed bug warranty with no charge for follow up visits.

Instead of opting for pesticide bed bug treatment choose to go with a more expensive heat treatment. This is a good choice for your peace of mind, though it may be hard on the bank account. A proper heat treatment does not include the use of a heat wand, blow dryer, or steamer (also known as localized heat). A properly executed “Heat Treatment” or “Thermal Remediation” kills all bed bugs and eggs within one day. This is obviously the more preferable option considering that bed bugs suck your blood while you sleep (if you didn’t know).

If you just can’t afford a good bed bug treatment, don’t give up! The longer you have bed bugs the more you are spreading them to others. It is worth it to borrow money from family to end the bed bug bites now! Many times your church will help if you can not afford to pay for bed bug treatment yourself.

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