Heat Treatment – The Cure for the Bed Bug Plague

Bed bugs are now a widespread plague similar to plagues in Biblical record. These blood suckers are tormenting countless households in Arizona and throughout the country. The bites from Bed Bugs are not as menacing as the anxiety, insomnia, and paranoia they can cause. These psychological effects can be very detrimental to everyday life. Work performance can suffer and family life can become hostile.

Bed Bugs must be treated by a professional. They are the most difficult pest to kill. They are even more difficult to kill than cockroaches or termites. The store bought chemicals are a waste of money; the bed bugs are resistant to those types of chemicals. The natural bed bug remedies available online are also worthless. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) will not solve the problem either. The bed bugs can be killed with CERTAIN chemicals, although it will take weeks or months to get rid of them using any type of chemical.

The quickest way to get rid of bed bugs is with a HEAT TREATMENT. Our heat treatment will kill all bed bugs and eggs in a single day. Bed bugs at every stage of life will be killed, from egg to adult.

We are not using a steamer.
We are not using a heat gun.

We heat up the entire space to over 150 degrees for at least 4 hours. We can treat one room or an entire house.

The heat will penetrate the floors, walls, ceiling, and furniture.
It will not only kill all bed bugs, it will also kill bacteria and dust mites.

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