Is DE the silver bullet for bed bugs?

Is DE (Diatomaceous Earth)  the silver bullet for bed bugs? Many websites claim that by simply spreading this powder throughout your home you can get rid of all bed bugs. This powder is cheap and very easy to find. It is also all natural and non toxic. This substance kills the bugs mechanically rather than with chemicals. This natural pesticide has been used for decades. As the bugs walk through the dust, their bodies are wounded by the sharp microscopic diatoms. Soon after, they will dehydrate and die.

Does DE work to kill bed bugs? It may kill some bed bugs, but it WILL NOT solve the problem completely. Many bugs will avoid the powder.

More than half of the homes that we treat are covered with DE.

If DE works so well to kill bed bugs, then why is there such a huge bed bug problem?

Drawbacks to DE:

Unsightly white powder throughout the home for weeks and months
Very Hard to clean off of surfaces
Does NOT work fast
Only kills some of the bed bugs
Can cause respiratory problems in humans and pets (from breathing the dust)
Follow the directions!
If you are going to apply DE in your home remember to always follow directions on the label. Apply only to areas where you will not come in contact with it and where it will not become airborne. DO NOT PUT DE ON YOUR BED, COUCH, OR DRAPES!

If you have bed bugs, don’t put your family through months of dealing with it. Call a professional. If you can’t afford the treatment, then borrow the money. If you’r family can’t help, then ask your church. It is worth it to get rid of them right and fast to ensure the health of you and your loved ones.

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