DIY heat treatment gone awry

Heat treatment has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to get rid of bed bugs…when done by a professional! If you do not choose to go with a professional, there have been catastrophic effects such as loss of property, injuries and of course, continued infestation. Check out this story of a heater being used to get rid of bed bugs.

Chattanooga firefighters responded to a shed fire on Monday at the Chatt City Suites at 101 E. 20th Street. The shed was located next to the motel, and the flames were threatening to spread to the motel, WRCB reported.
Firefighters had to cut through a chain-link fence to get to the shed. The fire was quickly extinguished. No one was injured and the motel was not damaged.
Employees with the motel told firefighters that they were using a heater in the shed in an attempt to kill bed bugs in motel furniture. Captain David Thompson Jr. said the turnout gear (the coat and pants they wear inside to protect them from the fire) for four firefighters will have to be treated for possible infestation of bedbugs.

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