My neighbor has bed bugs…now what?

This is something that we hear a lot in the extermination business. Many are worried, especially in shared or close quarters that their neighbors bed bug problem will become their bed bug problem in no time and these fears are incredibly valid. In short, you should absolutely get an inspection for free from Arizona Heat Pest and call your building manager who should be responsible for making sure that the problem does not spread. Call us today for more information and a free consultation.


Traveling remains the number one way to spread bed bug infestations to hotels, homes and apartments across the country. So to keep yourself protected, learning to spot a bed bug infestation is going to be your best tool to avoid an infestation in your home. Read our previous blog, Stay Clear of Bed Bugs in Hotels As You Travel This Holiday Season to learn all the ways to protect yourself from the bed bugs biting.


But if your neighbor has informed you that their home or adjacent apartment is infested with bed bugs, you want to do a thorough home inspection right away. Depending on the severity of their infestation, you may or may not be affected. In a severe infestation and if your apartments are closely connected, it is possible that bed bugs will travel through the walls via cracks, electrical outlets or any other way they find. But if the infestation is not as severe and if your apartments or homes are not too close, it will be hard for any bed bugs to make their way into your living space.

Once an infestation has been identified, most pest control companies will be able to tell if the neighbors are in jeopardy of an infestation themselves. But just to be safe it is important that you continue to inspect your home on a regular basis. A few tips for a thorough home inspection include:

Searching much further than just the mattress. Include the headboard, nightstands, under carpet, behind hanging artwork, even in electrical outlets in your inspection.

Bed bugs will hide in any dark, hidden spaces before they come out at night so use a flashlight to spot them better.

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