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“When you compare bed bug treatments, be sure to consider the length of time it will take to kill all bed bugs, the amount of pesticide used, the length of the warranty period, and the price of the treatments”

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

The fast way to kill all bed bugs and eggs. Using specialized bed bug heating equipment, we raise the temperature of the entire space to 150 degrees. The dry heat reaches all bed bug hiding places, killing all bed bugs and eggs. Heat Treatment can be performed in just one room, or several rooms. The structure or personal belongings are not damaged by our process. Optional pesticide application is included with every heat treatment to provide long lasting residual protection, just in case.

Are you opposed to pesticide? Consider the Chemical Free Option when you compare bed bug treatments.

Minimal chemical application is included with the heat treatment, however is not required as the heat alone will kill all bed bugs.

18 month bed bug warranty is included with heat treatment of entire home.

Pesticide Treatment for Bed Bugs

If budget constraints prevent you from choosing the heat treatment, then you may be interested in our “no-heat” bed bug treatment.

Using the highest quality chemicals available today for bed bugs, we can eliminate all bed bugs within 30 days in most cases. (rather than 1 day with the heat treatment)

This treatment does not kill the bed bugs eggs and does not reach all bed hiding places within the walls, however it will kill all bed bugs when they emerge from their eggs and hiding places. This means you could still get bed bug bites during the first weeks after treatment if we do not use the Heat Treatment.

6 month bed bug warranty is included with pesticide treatment of entire home.

Compare Bed Bug Treatments and Warranties

We include a Long Term Warranty for bed bugs with our heat treatment and a 6 month warranty for pesticide treatment. If bed bug activity is detected during warranty period, treatment will be performed at no charge. If bed bugs are re-introduced into the home after treatment, you are still covered with Arizona Heat.

Bed Bug Treatment Option Comparison Chart

Compare other bed bug treatments offered by pest control companies that do not specialize in bed bugs.

Liquid Pesticide

If performed by AZ Heat, a pesticide treatment will work to kill all bed bugs within 3 weeks. We use very specific, very expensive pesticides not available to homeowners. We apply them safely and according to the label.

Pesticide will not work if you are using chemicals yourself as a homeowner. It Can eventually work if performed by a licensed professional is using the right type of chemicals and processes, however it will take weeks or months to kill all bed bugs. Also, bed bugs can gain resistance to most chemicals, building their immunity with each generation.

Tenting and Fumigation

Fumigating the entire space with Dangerous Gas. It Can work, but may not kill all bugs or eggs. Can kill all plants under the tent. Usually twice the cost of a heat treatment. No residual killing. No long term guarantee.


Steam is very limited in its effectiveness. Steam may cause mold growth. You can not steam the walls or ceiling.

Diatomaceous Earth or DE

Diatomaceous earth should not be depended upon as a sole defense against these bugs. Should not be applied to mattresses or furniture. Do not breath in this dust!

Bed Bug Bombs

“Bug Bombs” are also called total release aerosol and should not be used for bed bugs even if the label says bed bugs. These will make the problem worse! The bugs will run away from the bug bombs and end up all over the house.

Consider the warranty when you compare bed bug treatments.

Most companies offer No Guarantee for Bed bugs due to “risk of re-infestation”

Unconditional 18-Month Warranty

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