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Potential Hiding Spots

We thought this article was worth sharing just to show that bed bugs can truly invade any space.  The more hiding places available, the better.  Anyone who works at or frequents any of these types of places does not need to necessarily worry  because there are most likely standards in place to maintain cleanliness.  It […]

Keeping Bed Bugs Out of The Workplace

Bed bugs do not have boundaries.  They can invade your home, apartment, dorm, department store, or office.  Do not be too alarmed, however, because there are ways to detect them and get rid of them.  One person cannot solely control and monitor an entrie office building or space, so the steps in this article will […]

Why Heat Kills Bed Bugs

If you have not explored our website and learned about our services, you might wonder why we are called Arizona Heat Pest Services.  That is because we use heat to kill bed bugs.  Heat is one of the safest, most effective ways to remove bed bugs from a space.  This brief article below from Bed […]

Preventing Bed Bugs in Hotels

Hotels have to be near the top of list of places people do not want to see bed bugs.  For those who work at hotels this article will be helpful with advice of how to prevent the insects before one is even seen.  For those who do not work at a hotel, the information in […]

Thrift Shoppers Beware

Thrift shopping has become more popular in the past few years.  You can find some amazing items for a fraction of the price they were originally given.  However, there is always caution to be had when buying secondhand items because you do not necessarily know where they were or who owned them before.  With that […]

Will We Be Saying Goodbye to Bed Bugs?

Research was released at the beginning of the year regarding the genomes of bed bugs around New York City, one of the most bed bug populated cities in the country.  Scientists and researchers found many useful pieces  of information including how bed bugs thrive, resist insecticides, and multiply.  All of these findings will hopefully be […]

Bed Bugs Have Favorite Colors

Did you know bed bugs might have favorite colors?  A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Florida and Union College determined that bed bugs are more prone to hide or live in certain places if they are specific colors.  If you have a lot of furniture in these colors, take caution! Bed […]

Bed Bug Bites

At Arizona Heat Pest Services we are able to effectively remove bed bugs from your house or office.  However, we do not offer treatments if you have been bitten by bed bugs.  This article comes in handy with this aspect because there are home remedies you can try yourself to cure your bites. How to […]

A Vacuum for Bed Bugs

French scientists have created  a vacuum for bed bugs.  This method has been attempted before using other types of suction, but now a more powerful method exists.  If put out for use, the creators of this vacuum hope the bed bugs collected can be used for examination and data collection.   New device may help […]

Researchers describe how bed bugs break down insecticides

If you have been using insecticides to combat against insects like bed bugs, you might want to think again.  A recent study has been published stating that bed bugs can resist the chemicals and even break them down.  Until there are new household available insecticides created, we recommend leaving removal up to the professionals!   […]