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Protocol in Arizona

Every state most likely has guidelines and policies in place for controlling infestations and other nuisances.  As residents of Arizona, are you aware of the policies our state holds up?  Check out the article below to learn about what you should do if you see bed bugs where you live. Arizona law outlines bed-bug protocol […]

Bed Bug Rash

If you have been bitten by bed bugs and notice a rash start to form there are ways you can combat it at home.  Understanding how bed bugs bite and other signs of rash is important so you can effectively check for and remove the pests, too.  Check out the article below from BedBugs.org and […]

Comparing The Species of Bed Bugs

As you probably know by now, a rare species of bed bug that has not been seen in the United States in over 60 years has recently been seen in Florida.  This has triggered research and exploration of the similarities and differences to the other species of bed bug that exists across the country.  To […]

If Someone Claims They’ve Seen Bed Bugs at a Hotel…

We like sharing articles that help people in the service industry (e.g., restaurant and hotel employees) deal with claims of bed bug sightings.  This new article explains what to do if a hotel guest complains of seeing the pest on property.  While different hotel chains may have different protocol for instances like this, the tips in […]

Things You Might Not Know About Bed Bugs

Do you have 8 and 1/2 minutes to spare?  If so, watch the video in the article below to learn tons of facts about bed bugs.  That way you can think ahead if you think your belongings or house are hosting the pests.  If you know what bed bugs don’t like and where they will […]

Read This If You Travel To New York

Good news for those who visit the city of New York – hotels now have no choice but to inspect for bed bugs biannually.  It is likely that a lot of hotels already had this standard in place, but for those who did not it is now a requirement.  As you may know, New York […]

Don’t Share Thanksgiving with Bed Bugs

The holiday season is about to be in full swing and that means you will probably be traveling from place to place picking up gifts and party supplies and house to house visiting loved ones.  Be sure you aren’t picking up and bringing along any unwanted guests.  Bed bugs can sneak into any place easily […]

A Rare Species of Bed Bug is Back

Did you know there is more than one species of bed bugs?  Some species are more present than others, and some have gone MIA over the years.  One tropical species that has not been spotted in the U.S. in over 60 years just showed up again in Florida.  We hope it doesn’t migrate to other […]

Bed Bug Habits and Life Cycles

One of the biggest advantages in the bed bug extermination world is understanding their life cycle and patterns so that we can effectively eliminate them.  This informative article gives you a full explanation of their life cyle and how and why they interact with humans.  Consider yourself more prepared to combat these pests if necessary […]

Attention Renters!

If you are renting your home or apartment and have to deal with bed bugs chances are your renter’s insurance will not cover all costs.  This may cause worry or unnecessary stress if you think you are at risk for coming in contact with bed bugs.  We recommend reading through your insurance policy and lease […]